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My First Album

Date of Release

1999 - Polydor (UK)

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Track Listing:

1. Viva La Radio
2. Mickey
3. Big Boys Don't Cry
4. Kiss Kiss Boom Boom
5. Dance In The Rain
6. Can You Keep A Secret
7. Internet Love
8. Happy
9. Telephone Boy
10. Do You Feel Like I Feel?
11. Viva La Radio (Karaoke Version)
12. Mickey (Karaoke Version)
13. Big Boys Don't Cry (Karaoke Version)
14. Kiss Kiss Boom Boom (Karaoke Version)
15. Dance In The Rain (Karaoke Version)
16. Can You Keep A Secret (Karaoke Version)
17. Internet Love (Karaoke Version)
18. Happy (Karaoke Version)
19. Telephone Boy (Karaoke Version)
20. Do You Feel Like I Feel? (Karaoke Version)

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